Friday, September 16, 2011


We went back to Center Grove Orchard on Sunday.  Whitney had lots of fun!!   And we did too, of course.

just like her daddy, she chooses a seat in the last row!

we were trying to finish up lunch and Whitney spotted the hill slide.  She was anxious to go, so she told us "i go by myself" and off she went and didn't look back once.  Wade followed her from a distance and she climbed to the top of the hill.  who knows if she would have gone down by herself.  You ride a burlap sack down and it is FAST!!!

Some other things we did but didn't get pictures was the bounce pillow, feeding the animals and the hay ride.  Fun place!

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  1. What fun!! Whitney looks like she had a blast!! If I had a kid, I would most definitley go there!!!