Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Minute Friday

Five minute friday skin care edition.  I don't have great skin, never have, but I figure now that I'm in my 30's I better start to fork over some dough for the good stuff.  I have a lot of sun spots, acne scars, etc that aren't going away on their own.  I don't break out a lot, just the occasional pimple.    Like I said, my biggest problem is evening out my complexion.  Because we are visual creatures I took a picture of the products that I have been using recently and I like them and think they are working.  I love to know what works before I spend my money, so if any of you care to know.....

Ambi- sold at drugstores/big retailers around $10.  It has hydroquinone which is a lightener.  Not ever where carries it and you really have to look for it, like on the bottom shelf.  I think it is marketed towards black people, but it works for every one

Philosiphy-  this was a gift so I can't tell  you what it costs, but I know Philosphy will cost you a few pennies.  Purity is great, but my FAVORITE is the microdelivery exfoliating wash.  I keep it in the shower, LOVE IT!!!

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector-  I ordered the 1.7 oz for $59 off ebay to save a few bones, other wise I think it is about 69 at a department store.  It works, just not as quickly as I would like it to.

Aveeno Positively Radiant light tint SPF 30-  14.95 at Wal-Mart.  It's a moisturizer and foundation in one!  And with the soy it supposedly evens skin tone too.  Being 31 I need the daily spf of 30, I decided 15 was too low now and I'm too lazy/rushed to put on any foundation before I leave the house.  Now with this, I can put it on, add a little blush and done.  A little better than before!  It is very light weight, and I don't recommend using your serums underneath, it didn't mesh well and the Aveeno kind of peeled/globbed up.   So, use alone or wait until your serum completely dries before applying

Cleansing cloths-  idk, $5?  I always buy the generic brand, they all work the same to me.  Again, I'm lazy and looking to cut a few minutes off the bed time rountine and they're super easy.  I can wipe my face and done and I never feel dirty after using them. 

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  1. I will not admit to my skin care folly in a blog, let's just say it's a step up from soap, but not much.

    I'm actually the lazy one...