Saturday, July 30, 2011

What to Wear?

I'm going to rant as I sit here pumping. TMI? I don't care.  I'm trying to get ready to go to a family reunion today and I have nothing to wear, literally.  Well, unless I want to wear a boring old t-shirt, which I opted for.  I tried some of cute tops and it's like, nope, nursing bra hangs out.  Nope, nursing tank is too bulky.  Nope, not going to wear a nursing bra, normal tank, and shirt.  Too much for this weather and too annoying to get through all those layers to pump.  UGHH!!  I'm back to pre preggo weight, but certainly not to pre preggo body.  Can't wear that shirt and/or pants, muffin top hangs out, stomach roll is too visible.    It's moments like this that I want to be done nursing, but I will soldier on becasue these moments are few and far between.  How often does a SAHM dress nicely?  Not very often.  It's moments like these that reassure me of our decision to be done at two.  I will never have to do this again.  It will be a short six months until I am completely done.  Right?!?!


  1. oh my gosh, it is like we share the same brain. For weeks I am hate going into my closet. I have NOTHING to wear. And it isn't that I hate my clothes, just NONE of them work with nursing. Nursing bras and tanks just don't work with all the cute summery stuff. Every Sunday I battle what to wear. I hate feeling like a slob all the time, but I guess this is what we get to do for another 6 months...I think it should go by quick these first 6 months have! So I feel ya.

    Also, welcome to my sleep world. Micah will do so great for a few nights and then bam! Back to every 2-3 hours. I have tried cry it out (worked great with Lo), but he won't give in, it is ridiculous. That kid can cry. Hope Ellie is doing better. I too am ready to sleep again!

  2. I too am struggling with NOTHING to wear!! I agree with you and chele NOTHING works with nursing it seems--I did find some cute stuff online for nursing moms but who has that kind of money.
    I am not even close to pre pregnancy weight and I look just hideous!! Not to mention I cannot find time to get a hair cut either.

    I still have 11 months left:( I LOVE the benefits of BF and I really don't mind it but when it comes to getting out in public it is a mess!!

    Well Stephanie, I will say from the bottom of my heart that you are really BEAUTIFUL and no one will notice your muffin top, but honestly I bet you don't have one, you are just too skinny, even pregnant you were so skinny!!
    But HUGS to you anyway b/c what you think of yourself does matter and I just hope you know you are beautiful.