Saturday, July 9, 2011

Five Minute Friday

Okay, so it's saturday morning.  I've had it!  I've had it with lack of sleep and waking up every two hours to comfort Ellie back to bed.  Sleep training begins tonight!!  As I mentioned before, we all got colds three weeks ago.  I am still blowing my nose a few times a day because of it, but I am done making excuses for Ellie that that is the reason she is continuing to wake up.  I think the cold started the whole wake up routine and now she is just in a bad habit.  She was consistently sleeping for 8 hrs before this began, I know she can do longer than 3 hrs.  It can't be good for her either to be waking so often.  The other night in my sleep deprived craze I thought Ellie was in bed with us and I picked up my pillow, slung it over my shoulder and began burping my pillow.  It took a full minute for sure for my mind to fully process that I was not burping Ellie, but a pillow!    Last night I was up four times with her by 12:30, ridiculous!!  I pulled out the big guns for breakfast this morning, coffee and I have chocolate chip cookies in the oven.

We finally got some word as to what Wade may be doing when he is done with school in December.  He has been approved for an ILE course in Alabama from Jan 6- April 20.   Wade will kill me for sounding like an ignorant Army wife, but I'm not sure what ILE stands for, Intermediate Level Education??  There are so many acronyms in the Army that I just accept the acronym instead of asking what each one stands for.  The ILE course is something you have to complete when you are a Major.  Wade is not yet a Major, but should be promotable in the spring.  Usually the course is a year long course at Ft Leavenworth, KS, but the course is very backed up and it would be a good opportunity to get that completed while he is in between assignments.  Part of the package deal of him getting this masters degree is to work for the Corps of Engineers for two years when he is done, so again, it's kind of works to get that course out of the way.  This is a TDY (temporary duty) assignment, so we don't know if the girls and I will stay here in Iowa or try to go with to Alabama.  The dilemma to decide would be where would we live, what would we do with our stuff, would the Army accommodate us, and do we choose to be apart for  3 1/2 months when Wade could still deploy for a year at a time. This is not confirmed, nothing is until you have orders, but it is a likely scenario for us.

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