Friday, July 1, 2011

Five Minute Friday

Whitney got her first black eye.  Like, a real good shiner.  She hit her cheekbone on a fire place ledge and the next day the black eye came too.  I was worried we should xray her cheek, but Wade insisted it was fine, which I'm sure it is.

I have been battling sleep with Ellie these last two weeks.  I hope it is cold related and not bad habits that are starting.  It all started Father's day weekend and has gotten worse from there.  I am lucky if she will sleep four hours straight and 1-2 hrs after her first waking.  It is wearing me out.  It's like she is a newborn again.  I stopped nursing her for her first waking, I know the girl isn't hungry and she was just doing 8 hr stretches of sleep.  It was a battle the first two nights of not nursing her when she awoke, but last night when I picked her up she just laid her head on my shoulders and went right back to bed.   Hopefully she is learning.  She sleeps on her tummy and likes to roll to her side to sleep, but wakes up and freaks out if she falls to her back.  It instantly wakes her up.  That is also part of the battle.  I had to take blankets out of her bed too.  She tries to eat them and twice I have woken up to her sounding panicked and go to find her with a blanket over her face.   Whitney was an easy sleeper.  Put her down on her tummy and she stayed there all night, still does.  Ellie on the other hand is going to be a mover and going to be a challenge.

Wade got some new wheels today. A new Toyota Tundra.  I'm not talking new to us, it is brand new, new.  We just had some issues with his truck and he decided he was tired of buying used and didn't want to put another dime into that truck.

My sister had a boy on June 26.  Lawton is name and we are going to visit them this weekend.

Whitney's new favorite phrases.... yeah sure, that's my favorite, you're funny,

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