Sunday, July 10, 2011

TOT Collar

I had a moment of panic and ordered Ellie a TOT(tubular orthosis for torticollis) Collar.  She still holds her head crooked, or rather she lets it rest sideways.  For only $60 (don't ask me how plastic tubing costs $60) I figured it would be money well spent and I didn't want to wait around for a doc's scrip to get insurance to cover it.  It's a fight to get it on, but once she has it on she tolerates it really well.  Hopefully it will help out.  It surely is better than nothing now that she is getting less tolerant with her exercises and stretches.

this is her without it, and how she likes to rest her head.  Her back right neck muscle is long and stretched, and her left side muscle is short and tight.


  1. how did this work for you? my daughter is 5 months old and holds her head the same way. I'm so worried it'll never get fixed :(

  2. please email me at to tell me your story. I'm losing sleep over this :(