Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I've Learned

In the short time I have been a mother of two I have learned/figured a few things out....

  • - - You can and do love your second child as much as your first

  • - - busy and multitasking take on a whole new meaning

  • - - you can't imagine taking care of two kids until you have another and then you just do

  • - - you need help, and try not to feel guilty for not doing it all

  • - - sleep is precious

  • - - it's not as hard to go buy groceries as I thought (so far)

  • - - one of the kids will be neglected at least once during the day

  • - - the older kid can get very creative, good and bad (good- independent play, bad- getting naked while I am breastfeeding or in the shower)

  • - - schedules won't always be kept

  • - - you eat whatever you can shove in your mouth

  • - - everyone says it and it is so true, your children are not alike, what worked with one baby does not always work with the second

  • - - getting your kids to nap at the same time is AWESOME!!!

  • - - time to yourself is next to impossible, unless the above mentioned happens and you skip the house work!

  • - - and most important, IT"S ALL WORTH IT!!

  • - Any one else have some more?!?!?


  1. pretty sure you covered it all! When I had Lo, my life wasn't my own anymore, or so I thought. Then I had Micah and now for sure my life is never ever going to be about me again. Period. These kids will need us for the rest of our lives. Just like I need my mommy still! :)

    I find it scarey how parallel our lives our...the part about Whitney getting naked while you are bf! Lo always always has to go potty when I sit down to nurse. Grrrr. Now though she has learned to pull her pants down, climb up, go potty and get down. But most of the time she won't put her under pants back on. So she runs around naked until I am done! :)

    I am still working towards the same nap time. It is still pretty hit and miss most days, but so wonderful when it is hit.

    Good work on the sleeping thing with Ellie. My "womb bear" isn't is weird. Anyway it really did most of a whooshing sound as opposed to the thump of a heartbeat. So I went out and got a sound machine that does the same thing and taking the "womb bear" back, unless I can figure out why it keeps messing up. :( Micah sleeps 4-4.5 hours in the first stretch but I can NOT get him to go longer than maybe 2 hours after that! So frustrating. So I am jealous.

    Ok sorry this is long...should have just sent you an email. :) HA!

  2. You nailed it, Steph! Guilt is ten-fold now!