Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Settling In

Thursday morning, waiting to get discharged
2 days old. Even though they are so little, they still seem SO BIG to fit inside your belly!

Hanging out with Granpa Bissell. She looks a little orange, but at discharge she was below the jaundice level they are concerned about. On monday at her follow up she tested for no jaundice. They also weighed her and she is up to 7lbs 5oz already.

With Papa

" What do you think about this new baby?"

Whitney doesn't play well with other toddlers, but she just LOVES her cousin Owen. It is so cute!

Ellison has been a really good baby so far (knock on wood)! I was pretty nervous about my parents leaving and taking care of two on my own, but so far so good. Whitney has been amazing. Far better than expected. She ignores me if I have the baby and has suddenly become a master of independent play. Who knew!?! She has seemed sad a few times and will sometimes ask me to put baby down. Her face just lights up when she realizes I'm not holding the baby and she runs to me for hugs. At least she is not angry at me or the baby. Hopefully those days do not come. Whitney also really loves her daddy's attention now, preferring him to me if I have Ellison. It hurts my feelings to be rejected by Whitney, or more that it makes me sad that she probably feels rejected by me, but it's great for Whitney and Wade to finally bond. Wade has been putting her to bed and getting up with her and she has been pretty good about it, getting better with it every day. Whitney likes to help with diaper changes and sponge baths. She has this natural instinct to be gentle with Ellison, as if she's afraid to touch her and hurt her. So far on this third day of being alone with two, I have to say it's been pretty easy. But, Ellison is in newborn sleepy stage, so ask me again in a couple of months if it's easy! I do have to say that I am thankful that Wade is around to help out. I can't imagine him on an Army schedule only home a few hours in the evening, or to be deployed for that matter!

caught in the act! Apparently you can't give a toddler a bag of pretzels and let them leave the room. Reminds me of the time I let her play with spaghetti noodles.


  1. Stephanie! She's precious!! So glad that Whitney is continuing to be a great big sister. Who knew it would take a newborn for her to be able to do independent play. Maybe I should consider...haha! Love the post! keep the pictures coming!

  2. She is gorgeous. I couldn't really see her in the other pics but now! So cute. It is like reading my own life story w/ two kids verbatim. Lo is now 100% daddy's girl and could give a crap less about me when he is home. Seems like everyone is adjusting well! Hope it stays that way. And I agree about how big they are and how they ever fit inside?! People have babies that are Micah's current size...can NOT imagine that!

  3. Congratulations on you new little girl!! She made her own day. Hope all is going well for you. Love Aunt Wendy

  4. Congrats again, Steph!! She is adorable, I loved the professional pics, too!! Hopefully, Whitney keeps her attitude... Jackson pretty much ignored Maxwell until the last week or so... just wait until the little one takes the toys... then "I love you" might not be the first thing out of his mouth towards the baby. :)