Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ellison- 1 Month

morning diaper change

Ellison is a month old. This may for sure have been the fastest month of my life!! She is a pretty good baby with only the typical cries for food or attention. She still sleeps most of the day and is getting better at night too. She slept in her swing for the first month and I slept on the couch. Her sleep pattern was typically about 3hrs, then 2 hrs, then 2 more hours. These last two nights she did 4 hrs and 4.5 hrs for her first stretch. I hope I'm not jinxing it by telling everyone. I sure hope she is starting to sleep longer because this newborn business is wearing me out!! Monday night was her first full night in her crib. My goal (accomplished) was to get her in the crib by the time she was four weeks and to get myself back in bed. What I have figured out so far is that I can swaddle her and put her on her back first, then for the second stretch forget the swaddle and she is on her tummy, and for the third stretch of sleep I take her out to the couch and we catch some zzz's together.

Breastfeeding was a bit of a struggle that took some time and frustration to get figured out. She would get mad before I let down and then once my milk did start to flow she would gulp and swallow a lot of air and get even more mad. Sometimes she wants me as a pacifier and gets mad that milk does come out. So, it was pretty frustrating that I didn't know what she wanted. Sometimes she was mad there wasn't milk and other times mad that there was so I had no idea if she was hungry or full. I have started pumping more during the day and giving bottles so I know exactly how much she is eating. I also supplement with formula at times as well if she still seems hungry. Bottles seem to work well during the day if the breast isn't working and thankfully she is fine with breastfeeding at night, which saves me from having to prepare a bottle in the middle of the night. It was very discouraging at first to battle breastfeeding since it was such a breeze with Whitney. For a while there I was ready to give it up but I'm getting into the groove of pumping and I'm glad that she will take a bottle, whether it be breast milk or formula and I won't be so tied down to her and worry about when and where I can breastfeed in public.

Her belly button cord finally fell off after three weeks. I was beginning to think the thing would never come off!! Out of nowhere it seems she developed a rash from head to toe, literally. I switched out her bath lotion to Aveeno and rewashed everything in scent free detergent and dryer sheets. That has taken care of the bumps all over her body, now it is just on her face from her being against our clothing. We try to take special care not to put her directly on our shirts, but that's not always practical. So, I will have to wash all of our clothes in scent free as well, and be careful not to spray parfume or hairspray on clothes.

She is already turning into a mama's girl. Last night Wade was doing all her could to comfort her while I cleaned up the kitchen. He changed her diaper, tried to feed her, walked with her, put her in her swing, etc. nothing. I picked her up and started talking to her and she was instantly fine. She just wanted her mama! Funny how they care who is holding them at this early of an age.

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  1. I miss you guys!!! I wish I could meet her and spend time with the girls!! Landrey liked seeing the baby Ellie Pix:)
    Hope things continue to get easier!!