Monday, March 21, 2011

On a Walk

With the warm weather yesterday afternoon we took the double stroller out to the lake for a test drive. Last fall I was itching to buy a double stroller. Why so soon, I don't know. Don't ask a pregnant lady why she does things when she does. The stroller is in good condition. It's a Graco Duo Glider that I bought from Craig's list for $60. This lady doesn't buy new any more!! However, we don't like that there are no cup holders for the kids or for us by the handle. So, we'll test it out and resell it or just hang on to it, because really, how often do I really use a stroller??? Whitney prefers to walk any way. Whitney thought this ride was pretty cool, and sat in it a little longer than she normally sits in her single stroller..... but still has to get out and investigate and monkey around.

This one decided to stay awake for the entire walk. She has yet to figure out how to keep a paci in her mouth so she was mildly fussy the whole way. Hopefully she will be my stroller baby, I need one of them to be!

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  1. Pretty sure Ellie and Micah are twins separated at birth. HA! Micah is so a lazy nurser too! You would think the second time around it would be cake walk, but no. Lo hated pacis, Micah teases me by taking one every 3 days. It is like the kid has no idea how to suck properly. Ellie is a doll face.