Thursday, March 10, 2011

2 Kids and 2 Weeks

I knew I would eat my words when I last said that so far being home with two kids was easy. It's not easy any more. My new mommy adrenaline has wore off and lack of sleep hits me on a daily basis. The days I can get a nap are great, it makes a world of difference in how I feel. I also need to work on my fluid intake. With breastfeeding and taking care of two and attempting to take care of the house too, I put drinking on the back burner and I pay for it at night. I wake up with killer headaches. Not sure if it is from getting sleep in two hour increments or dehydration. Yes, Ellie wakes up every two hours at night to eat. She can nap 3-4 hours during the day, but for some reason can only go two hours at night. Go figure! At least she stays sleepy at night and doesn't cry and fuss. She just wants to stretch, get a clean diaper and some milk.

On Monday night I developed mastitis. That was an experience. I thought it was a clogged milk duct until it very quickly felt like my boob was going to explode and I developed the chills and flu like symptoms. I kept nursing, broke a fever and felt better the next morning. I still went to the doctor and am now on antibiotics. I hope to never get that again!! Ellie seems to be a big eater. When she is awake she is constantly wanting to eat. Not sure if she has a bigger appetite or if my production is a little low, but we gave her formula last night and again this morning and she did pretty good with it. She didn't seem opposed to the taste. I was wanting to supplement with formula with this kid any way, so it may be best that we introduce it now while she doesn't know that formula tastes like fish water. I still plan on breastfeeding for a year and formula when necessary, probably once or twice a day. taking a nap with Whitney. (I guess Wade thinks it is cute to get pictures of us sleeping!) A few times, well quite a few times in the last two weeks I have let Whitney nap on the couch. Some days she just doesn't seem like she wants to nap so I get her to lay down by me and eventually she falls asleep.
My two baby girls!! Whitney loves to give Ellie kisses and if Ellie crys she says " You okay baby?" Whitney has accepted me and Ellie as a package deal and rarely asks for me to put her down any more. Whitney has been watching an insane amount of tv while we have been home. I'm not proud of that, but what can I do. We made it out to the library once and it was a success. Hopefully soon I will venture out more, I feel so bad for Whitney being trapped inside so much.

And I have to finish by saying that Wade has done an incredible job with helping out with housework and taking care of Whitney. I surely would be dead by now if I was doing it alone!


  1. O WOW with that Mastitis (sp) my mom got that all the time and it scared me a lot! I hope you never have that again!! Poor you! I was thinking of you today and was going to check in on you guys, so THANKS for the blog post!!
    Your girls are so adorable!
    Miss you guys!

  2. Once again parallel lives! That is exactly how my first two weeks went minus the mastitis. (Bummer) Now that you say it may be that is why I am getting killer headaches...not drinking enough. I keep the water jug the hospital gives us next to my bed, and take a swig before nursing but during the day I barely drink anything. So good tip. :)

    Give Ellie another week Micah did that at night too getting up every two hours and now he is going 3-4 hours and that started around week 4ish.

    And I too thought my milk supply was low, b/c with Lo I had enough for triplets and I am not even joking about that, but did some research and learned that I just may not "Feel" as full but I am. And when I pump I can pump out 4-5 oz each side. Which at this point 4-5 oz is all he needs for one feeding. Hang in there. Some how we survive this...b/c that is all I am living on now survival mode.