Sunday, January 30, 2011

Science Center of Iowa

Saturday we took Whitney to the Science Center of Iowa in Des Moines. With the cold weather keeping us indoors and our time together as a family of three dwindling down, we wanted to do something fun with her. I'm hoping this is our last weekend as three, but I guess I won't be terribly disapointed if we are allowed more time to spoil Whitney with our undivided attention. Originally I had proposed going to an indoor water park, but Wade wasn't too keen on taking a day to swim, and I'm not exactly swim suit model material right now. I remembered the Science Center and we packed up to check it out for the day. We all had a really great time and there was a lot for Whitney to enjoy. Whitney "fishing"
looking at a beaver in the Iowa habitat display

forecasting the weather

she loved the bubbles....

but for some reason she kept rubbing her eye with her soapy hand. We finally just had to take her away from the bubbles because she kept putting her soapy hand in her eye!

There was a rocket building and launching display that was the hit of the day, for both Wade and Whitney. I don't know how many times they launched their rocket. We were trying to leave for the day and Whitney insisted we go launch rockets one last time. There were no arguments from Wade! Wade was very proud of his rocket and that it launched further than the other kids.

putting said rocket up gorilla's nose. we were in the gift shop as our last stop, but Whitney was still so excited about the rockets that we had to go launch it some more. She was on great behavior all day and then slept on the way home.

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