Friday, January 21, 2011

36 Weeks

Well, I'm a bit closer to 37 weeks than 36 now, but here's my belly pic. In the last week I have gone from being okay with this pregnancy, to being done. I am so ready for this baby's arrival. I had my 36 week appt yesterday and everything is still going well. The doctor complimented me that I am an ideal pregnant patient with no complaints or complications! Thanks, but you don't live with me, lol! The baby is now measuring on schedule at 36 weeks, so not sure if she had a big growth spurt in the last week and that has added to my discomfort, or if the doc was just measuring a bit off the last few appts. We could also hear her "breathing" while the doc checked the heartbeat. That was pretty cool, I didn't know you could hear that and it is good that she is practicing and developing her lungs. I have been dreading taking care of a needy toddler and a new baby, but I am now ready to get the show on the road and take on the challenge. In the last week I have also started to have labor dreams and nursing dreams. You know, the ones where you don't feed your baby all day and you forget you have a newborn. Any one else have those, or just me? Though I am so ready for this baby to come out, I would like to hold her in until 38 weeks, then the countdown is on!!

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  1. Yes, stay in little baby until 38 weeks. This preemie thing is very hard! I may not even get to nurse him b/c of it. :( I am so sad about it. You look great. I can't wait to see when your little Miss debuts. I am scared to death when Chad leaves me on Monday and I have to take care of two...ah! Good luck and hang in there!!