Monday, January 10, 2011

Bed Transition

I hope it's not too early to say, but I couldn't be happier/excited/ pleased, etc at how well the transition went getting Whitney into her new bed. I expected at least a week of sleepness nights and fighting her to stay in bed. It really only took two days for her to adjust. I took the rocking chair out of her room, and I think that was the hardest transition for her. I used to sit with her for a few minutes and she would settle down and fall asleep. The first two days, at both nap time and bed time, she asked to rock a bye. I just told her rock a bye was all gone and she accepted that. Now I sit with her at the bottom of her bed and hold her. She will either fall asleep on me and then I put her down, or the past few days she dives out of my arms so she can just lay down. Either way, I'm never in there very long. IF she even wants me to hold her it only takes 5-10 minutes, and it wouldn't even take that long if I didn't want to linger in there and hold her while she is a quiet sleeping angel.
I'm not sure if it was pure luck, if she is too young to have such an attatchment, or that her new bed is somewhat similar to her old bed. I'm sure a combination of the three. We got a twin bed that we put on the floor. I got the same super soft sheets that were in her crib. I also found the bed rails at a garage sale last fall for $10. They surround her like crib walls. She also squirms her way into the corner, so I had to make a makeshift bumber out of a blanket so she would quit thumping her head on the wall. Minus the rocking chair, her bedtime routine stayed the same. She has been taking two hour naps and sleeping all night. She doesn't even acknowledge that her crib and rocking chair are in the next room. She loves to snuggle in her bed, and I believe she truly loves her new bed!!


  1. Lucky. I wish I could have that same luck. did Whitney go to bed fairly easy in her crib (ie not scream and cry once you laid her down?) That is Lo's transition problem, that is how she goes to bed practically every night now, so being able to get up and scream at the door isn't effective.

  2. Michele, after I ferberized her at 10 months we haven't had problems with her going to bed. She got the point very quickly that crying got her no where. If she ever regressed it just took one night of referberizing and she was fine. SHe got to the point where she just wanted in her crib to get to bed. I had to ferberize her the first two nights in her big bed. Erin Ferberized Katelyn at like 9 months and hasn't had problems since, she gave me the courage to do it too!