Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Girls' Rooms

We were busy yesterday moving furniture around. I really wish I had taken a before picture of the baby's room, because it was our catch all disaster room! I love the baby's new room with all the matching furniture that just happened to come together. The crib is a hand me down from Wade's cousin Jeff when we had Whitney, the rocker was a gift from my parents when Whitney was born, and the dresser is a hand me down from Wade's sister we recently acquired. And the bedding and swing are all baby shower gifts from Whitney. I am so thankful that others are so generous to us! (and that we are having another girl to reuse everything!)

Whitney's room doesn't have the cutesy baby room look any more, it has turned into a little kids room, but that's okay, it still looks good to me. Again, we are very fortunate with the way Whitney's room has come together as well. If you remember from over 20 months ago, Wade refinished the dresser and her old changing table (two pictured left) and Whitney's new bed and toy storage bins were Christmas presents from my parents.

I'm not fond of the toys in the corner, but we're not about to have toys piled up in the living room. They are already the way it is.

My little Dora geek. She HAS to put this shirt on when she finds it.
It's hard to say this early in the game how the new bed is going, but I think it is going well. Much better than expected. Bed time took longer than I expected. She wanted to rock a bye and asked for a few times, but when I told her rock a bye was all gone she was okay with it. I tried laying down with her, but that just made her excited like we were having a slumber party and she didn't want me to leave after that. I sat on the bed with her and she fell asleep in my arms and stayed asleep when I put her down and then slept all night. Nap time today was the same as last night. She wanted to rock a bye and when I tried to lay down with her she just got excited. Wade tried with the same results. He finally just laid her down and left the room. She stayed put and is still sleeping. We were so worried about her accepting her new bed that we wanted to do everything possible to make her feel comfortable, that we ignored the fact that we were making her new bed a fun place, and not a new sleeping place. I didn't sleep well at all last night. I am so worried that she will forget where she is and just walk off the edge of her bed.
Hopefully it will continue to go this well. I was really worried that she had an attachment to her crib, but she seems oblivious to the fact that it is in the next room, and she doesn't want to crawl in it when she sees it. She has not asked for her crib. Maybe it's a good thing that she is so young yet because she is so accepting to what we are doing. Maybe she will adjust to her new sister like she has been with us all along!

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