Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Charlie Brown Tree

We are hosting a Christmas this Sunday, so Wade decided we couldn't have Christmas without a tree, and that today was the only day that would work to go get it before then. Yes, it was about 14 degrees not considering wind chill. It was our first time going to a tree farm to pick out our own and cut it down. Other years we have gotten it free from post or not gotten one at all because we usually traveled for almost two weeks over Christmas. Whitney was not having a good day and she kind of spoiled the mood for us. Picking Wade up from class to go get the tree. She was in an okay mood at this point. I don't know if she was just tired today, her teeth hurt, or if she is just so spoiled that she can't ride any where without her dvd player. Or all of the above. After we picked up Wade she cried the whole way there. Oh yeah, if the sun shines on her face she just freaks out, this was also a factor for the ride there.
Our Charlie Brown tree. I'm covering up the dead spot, it's basically flat on the backside and the trunk is all crooked, but the side that shows is perfect. Plus, once you shove it in the corner and get it decorated it looks darn nice! Not too shabby for $28!

In her mood today, she wanted nothing to do with Wade. He couldn't hold her, talk to her or even look at her and she would start crying. So much for getting cute pictures by the tree.

Right where she wanted to be, in the truck.

Her first candy cane, she is temporarily happy.

Putting on the first ornament. I got the ornaments out and was figuring out what we had, and she picked one up and said tree, and went over and put in the tree without being told what to do with it. She must be paying attention to other trees when we are out.

While I'm getting ready for bed or whatever, Whitney likes to get into the linen closet and investigate. I let her play with my old glasses and she likes to wear them. She shuffles around and reaches out and touches things and bends down and touches the floor. I can't imagine what the world looks like to her through those glasses, it is hilarious! Don't worry Grandma's, she doesn't wear them long!

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