Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Wedding and a Few More

Saturday we had a friend's wedding to go to. It was really pretty and had great food. It is so nice being in Iowa again and being able to go to these events. Whitney did great, despite only napping for about 15 minutes while at the church. She was a little overwhelmed with all the people and didn't want to go any where unless she was holding mine or Wade's hand. Her cousin Owen on the other hand was running around like he owned the place, what a difference in personalities!

She was super excited to be back home, don't know where she got this burst of energy at 9:30!

Whitney and Aunt Tiffany (darn blog posting my pics sideways again!)

Whitney and her cousin Owen running down the hallway, Whitney really likes playing with her cousin Owen. She can now say his name correctly, it used to be Owna .

Whitney is already jealous of her little sister, she just HAD to have me hold her and be in the picture too while I was getting a Christmas belly shot. 30 weeks now!

Christmas in July? No, Whitney just has this new obsession with her swim suits.

I got a new baby sling and put Whitney in it. When I took it off she had to wear it and carry around her babies!

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