Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Has Begun

Owen, Tiffany, Brynna, Grant, Jessica, Whitney and Me

Sunday we had our first Christmas of the season with Wade's family. We held it at our house, which was pretty darn nice not having to pack up and drive any where! The Christmas loot. That's a lot of stuff for 4 grand kids!
Wade slaving away! Good job honey! Wade took over the cooking, which he usually does since we have had Whitney because she doesn't usually allow me to get anything done when other people are around. Shoot, I can hardly get anything done when it's just us! She did do really good with Grandma Cathy and let her hold her and play with her while I was around. It's nice that she is getting comfortable with others the more she sees them.

Owen and Whitney checking out her new kitchen. She loves it! She immediately was pretending to get a drink of water and wash her hands. Come on Matt, Owen wants a kitchen too!

She got a new baby that when you give it a pacifier or bottle it makes noise and moves its face. Whitney was unsure of it at first.

Then that night she was shooting it with her new laser gun. She came up with this on her own, it was just her and me home at this point. Great, is this what she is going to do to her new baby sister?!?!

the next day.... she loves her new baby!! She may be a good big sister after all! She likes to hold it, rock it and feed it. I listed a bunch of names for baby and the one she liked best was "pink baby".

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