Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

Not sure who was more excited for Chirstmas morning, Wade and me or Whitney? Whitney of course doesn't get the whole Santa thing yet. She likes him, but doesn't get him. Well, usually first thing in the morning she ALWAYS wants milk and will cry and whine and until she gets it. Christmas morning she was distracted enough by the Dora couch that she went straight for her couch. I think it may be her favorite present this year.
She's not crazy about opening presents. We had to get her going on all of them, and it was hard to keep her going because she was so distracted with all of her new stuff and had to stop and play with each thing.

She got Elmo slippers and jewelery that she had to put on immediately and then sit on the couch to open the rest of the presents. We had a Curious George and Dora themed Christmas. She also got CG movie, books and a coloring book. And for Dora she got stickers, bath toys, puzzles, the couch and back pack.

Her tent with a tunnel!! I was so excited to find this on sale at Penny's at an impromtu stop at the mall while I was on my way to Wal-Mart. Whitney loves it and I love that it folds up into a nice little box!

Relaxing after a tough morning of opening presents!! Watching George of course!
We had Christmas evening at Wade's sisters. I failed to get any pictures while we were there and we didn't get any family photos either?!?! I guess we were all too busy keeping up with our toddlers. Getting the three toddler cousins together is always a little crazy! And Grant, the oldest, does such a great job with patience around the three of them. We missed Lee this year, our brother in law who is currently in Afghanistan. Next year we will be able to get everyone together!

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