Thursday, March 18, 2010

Picture Post

She likes to push the chair around the kitchen

She thought riding in the cart this way was pretty fun.

Giving me rocks because she knows she is not supposed to eat them. She tries to sneak them in her mouth, she puts rocks or grass in her mouth really fast when she thinks I won't notice and then she clamps her mouth shut and ignores me when I try to get them out. She does this with everything she knows she is not supposed to eat. She will go hunting on the kitchen floor trying to find a piece of dirt or grass. Or paper, she likes to try to eat paper and then hide it from me.

Watching the neighbor's dog. She was pointing, waving, clapping and screaming at the dog. Good thing the dog doesn't bark and just stares at her. In the last few weeks she has figured out that she can point at whatever she sees or wants, pretty cute!
She is getting really good at walking now and I swear she went around our coffee table at least 100 times today. She just goes around and around and around.....she did this for, seriously, like an hour. Today she is trying to run when she is excited, but hasn't realized she needs to master walking first. Along with the ability to walk has come a better temperment. Which is a relief because she would throw major temper tantrums when we wouldn't walk her.

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