Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 Months

Whitney turned 10 months on March 1. She is quite the character now. Every day you can just see that she is learning and processing more. SHe is approximately 19lbs and has six teeth. She seems to get one tooth per month. As you have read she started walking last week. In the last few days she has started to walk off on her own. She doesn't make it too far, but she is trying. She also likes to clap, wave, kiss and look at herself in the mirror. She makes the funniest faces at herself and turns her head from side to side. She pretty much self feeds. Once in a while she will let me feed her oatmeal. She still loves blueberries and eats them every day. Mac and cheese has also become one of her favorites. It's really hard not to laugh at her when she pushes food out of her mouth because she doesn't like it or decides she is done eating mid chew. She drops food over the edge when she is done eating, or to try to get a reaction from me.
I recently Ferberized Whitney and she is sleeping through the night again. (knock on wood, we have only been through three nights of the Ferber Method and last night was the first full night of sleep) My friend had success recently with her daughter and with Whitney's frequent wakings to nurse I finally got the motivation to do it. Now that she is no longer nursing to sleep or during the night, I hope this will start the weaning process. In the last few days i can really tell that she is eating better during the day too.
I would have like to have posted some more pictures but Wade has the laptop while he is out of town and our desktop is a dinosaur and it takes FOR-EV-ER. (gotta say that like they do in Sandlot.. FOR-EV-ER!) Especially when Whitney gets a hold of the keyboard and makes the computer think too hard. More pictures soon, I have to show you her excited face.

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  1. Brynna doesn't just drop her food over the edge, she THROWS it...either means she's done or "I DON'T WANT THOSE VEGGIES!!!"