Saturday, January 9, 2010


Wow, another year behind us. How is it that time goes much faster as an adult? I thought I would do a summary of what we did in 2009. Let's start with January..... We closed on our house and became homeowners for the first time in Waynesville, Mo. We didn't actually move in until February, Valentine's Day to be exact. Wade took Company Command on Feb 27 for the 94th EN BN. It's a challenging position and I think we will both be glad when that is over, any time after 12-18 months. We had our first child on May 1, Whitney Lynn. We are so blessed to have her. In June we did a not so successful family vacation with my side of the family. We stayed at LORA (Lake of the Ozarks Recreation Area). The weather was unbearably hot, we had awful storms that flooded the area and cluttered what you would call the beach with debris. To top it off, all the men and boys got a bad case of posion ivy the first day there. We must not be doing it again this year?!?! In July Wade put in a lot of hard work on our land chopping down trees, and I went to his sister's where we finally got all three cousins together. It was on this trip that we realized Whitney DOES NOT like her car seat. For a long time we didn't go any where farther than 20 miles becasue it was just awful riding in a car with her. In Oct Wade went Coyote hunting with his dad and brother in Wyoming. Then in Nov we took 12 days and Wade deer hunted and I stayed with my sister. For Thanksgiving we had a full house with my family and for Christmas we traveled up to Iowa staying at Wade's sister's and then my sister's. New Years we spent in Camdenton, MO with Wade's family. Taking care of Whitney has certainly been a full time job. I'm excited for this year when she can walk and talk and we can get out of the house more to do fun things.

These last few days we have been trapped in the house because of the cold. We are both getting really bored and we are ready for Wade to come home. He is in Texas for the All American Game and will be home tomorrow. I neglected to do my 8 month post, so here's a summary of Whitney. She is getting adventerous in her crawling and does not hesitate to leave me behind to see what's in the next room. She has started standing up in her crib when she is done sleeping, which is so cute to see her waiting for me! She is currently on a baby food strike again, but will eat any finger food I put in her mouth. She gets really excited for cheese. She is still growing just fine, she's just over 18lbs. I've tried giving her formula, but it induces her gag reflex, and mine too. Yes, I taste whatever I give her. With all that DHA they put in formula it tastes and smells like rotten fish water. I don't blame her if she won't drink it. Does anyone know of non nasty formula? She has four teeth, two top and two bottom, and two more on the top are on the way. Her sleep has been all messed up since Christmas. Not sure if it is due to all the traveling or the bad cold she had for two weeks, or teething pains? What ever it is, I hope we get past it soon and back to 9-11 hours of sleep. She likes to wave at herself in the mirror and bath time is still her favorite time of the day.


  1. Jackson took well to 1/2 breastmilk, 1/2 formula bottles (we slowly put the formula in to make it 1/2 and 1/2). We used Similac (blue kind) and he did really well. It might work for Whitney, too!

    Happy 2010!


  2. tried the similac advance, it is only slightly better than enfamil. i even tried putting banana baby food in there and she won't take it. she really is a picky eater. i may have to stick it out with the bf.

  3. What a busy year...and I have found that they go even faster with kids, especially TWO kids!!! Can't believe our babies are quickly approaching their first birthdays!!!
    Good luck with the feeding/sleeping thing, remember, they all do grow up eventually, so try to take it as it comes :)