Tuesday, January 19, 2010

4 Day Weekend

Wade had a four day weekend and we got a lot of family time in. Whitney really liked having her daddy around to play with and to help with bed time. We hung out at the house and played a lot of Wii while Whitney crawled around and played. By sunday Wade had cabin fever, so we did what else, but go stay in a cabin! We went to Montauk State Park about an hour from post and rented a cabin. It was a really nice weekend so we did some hiking around. Montauk has a natural spring and a trout hatchery. Whitney really liked the trout holding pools when the fish would splash around to eat the food you throw to them, I think she wanted to take a bath with them!
She loves to crawl underneath her bouncer.

She some how managed to get her arm out of her shirt!

sweet potatoes!

I was trying to run into the picture, I only had it on a 2 second delay!

Walking makes her sleepy!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend (minus the sleep issues). Glad you guys got away for a night, we've been thinking we need to do something fun like that too.