Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Friday

Is anyone else feeling like a loser with everyone pinning, blogging and facebooking their acheivements, or is it just me?  Ok, I don't really feel like a loser because I know that right now in my life I don't have a lot of time at home to accomplish these things.  Either that or I don't know how to multi task and have too much guilt for not playing with my kids for x amount of time.  Okay, it's a combination of needing to take care of my 2 1/2 year old who doesn't nap and my almost 11 month old who is down to one nap and not organizing my time properly when they are awake.   I literally have about zero me time (at home, I do get out alone bc of the babysitter, hallelujah!) until 10pm and who wants to do anything then? 

 Ellie is in that, " I HAVE to know what you're doing and I will cry and pull on your leg and fall over backwards because I have my head tilted back too far trying to look up at you " stage.  If we're just hanging out around the house she is fine.  The second I try to cook, unload the dishwasher, brush my teeth or use the bathroom she is all up in my business.  One thing I CAN do is take a shower.  She will finally leave me alone to do that.  She used to cry and try to climb into the tub.  I can see into the future and know that someday soon I will be productive and creative and my children will continue to grow with indepence.  Whitney is mostly there.

I am a little jealous of all the cute things everyone is doing.  Take my SIL.  I'm too lazy to create a link so you can check out her blog, The Vandewater Voyage under my blog list and check out Abby Maddy Inspired  too.  That lady can multi task in a crafty way!  Any way, my SIL has posted some food ideas that are easy and yummy and I have been trying them.  It's easier for me to steal her ideas than to scour Pinterest myself!  Works for me!

I'm hoping once we get to Omaha I can get Whitney into a preschool of some sort and Ellie will allow me to do things without holding her.  Maybe then I can buy one of those sewing machine things and cook with more than 3-5 ingredients.  For now I will dabble and be happy that my kids are well and my house is moderately clean.  Clean enough that you won't be grossed out if you unexpectedly dropped in.  And if anyone wants to do so feel free, we are ready for company every day.  Desperate for company!

I got it on camera!  Whitney can twist her tounge sideways and does it out of habit all the time.  She doesn't even know she does it.  In fact, if I ask her to show me she can't do it.

This is Ellie's purple ear because she won't let me do anything!!  I was trying to put some pants on and she made a mad dash for me because hold your horses if I try to do anything.  She tripped up and slammed her head into our bed rail.  Speaking of hold your horses, I said that to Whitney the other day and she goes, "huh?  you can't hold horses!"  Kids are so literal!

this is my brushetta I made last night.  See, I was inspired by my SIL!  Easy and yummy!
I used a can of petite diced tomatoes and it worked well.  Way faster than dicing your own.  And we had tubed basil and that was good too!  plus olive oil, balsamic vinergarette, salt, pepper, onion and shredded parmesan.  And just eat with tortilla chips or triscuts, don't worry about toasting fancy bread!


  1. You know what?? one of my BIGGEST annoyances with FB is the minute by minute play by play of accomplishments, bragging or complaining!! Especially complaining about YOUR kids!! I just hate that! Sure it is alright to do it occasionally and I am guilty of that, but seriously the people who are on there all the time I wonder how much they even see or interact with there own kids. I don't know it just bugs me. I get so close to deleting my FB but hate to do that b/c I have friends that i stay in contact with in it and won't otherwise, so I keep it around.
    I wish so badly I as there to see you daily! I am so lonely up here:(
    Know what is funny/cool--Kreg's company bought another company out in the Omaha area. Would that be cool if we went there next. Maybe we will live close again:)

    Anyhow being a single mom is hard--I had to do it for a month when Kreg got this new job and we were still selling our home. I went a little crazy and it was so lonely at night. I keep you in my thought and prayers. Keep on keeping on, soon this will be a memory.


  2. Just let it go, there is no need to explain to anyone what you can and can't do... we all get it :)

    And FB, twitter, Pinning, heck blogging isn't on my radar all the time. They just can't be.