Friday, January 13, 2012

(More Than) Five Minute Friday

Friday the 13th, but who really believes in those shenanigans?  The only thing bad about this day is that it is the last day of One Life to Live.  Sad day for me.  It is my one hour mental break during nap time.  Maybe I will be more productive after it is off the air.

After the holidays and Wade leaving for his ILE course, we are working things out as just us three girls.  So far so good.  It certainly helped having my mom here this last week.  We kept busy and did some mean shopping!  Might have to take the girls back to the mall this afternoon!  GAP sales!!  It might not make any sense, but I almost do better with them alone.  I know that I have to and can't let me guard down.  I feel like a stronger, better parent these last 10 days.  But it's early, we'll wait until April when this course is near the end and I'm trying to organize a move!  I'm looking forward at everything we have planned these next couple months and am optimistic these next three months will quickly.  It's nice that we are around family, I have made some great friends, we have activities to keep us busy and a baby sitter to call on.

Who else is loving this weather?!?!  Below are some pictures of the week, playing at a park in January!!   


  1. I am already in serious withdraw over OLTL being over...what am I going to do. I know ppl think we are dumb (ahem Melissa) ;) but it is fun just to check out an live in a fantasy world.

    And I totally get you when you said it is easier handling the girls alone...I love having Chad around during breaks, but then I rely on him to much and get frustrated easier! Hang in there 3 mo is a long time!

  2. I've been counting down the month, made it 3 months without using the snow blower... how amazing is that!

    So, yeah, I love this weather too.

    And your girls are adorable.

    And, I don't know why I wasn't following you, I fixed that little problem :)