Saturday, February 25, 2012


Oh, Ellie, Ellie, Ellie.  So, I last posted picutres of  Ellie climbing up on the fireplace ledge.  Last night she was climbing up there and walking back behind the tv.  I would tell her no and take her down.  And she was trying to climb up the glass on the fireplace while hanging onto two little handles on the glass door.  I am envisioning her feet breaking through the glass and slicing her legs and I am also envisioning her loosing her balance and falling face first into our coffe table/makeshift entertainment center for this house.  What do you think happened this morning after I let her down from breakfast??

That's right.  Face down into the coffee table.  It instantly swelled up.  This is the first morning that I didn't give her a bottle at 4 am when she woke up.  She was mad but wouldn't let me hold her and she fussed until 5:30.   She was fine having breakfast and not having a bottle.  After falling, I gave her a bottle.  Guess we'll try that over tomorrow morning.  It was starting to look better but now the blood is starting to dissipate and I can tell it's going to drain into the eye area and she's going to have a nasty shiner.  Ow.  Last night after bath I went to hang the towels back up and I come back into Ellie's room and she is up on all fours rocking on the ottoman.  It is not a stable one.  I tied the bottom of the ottoman so it doesn't rock any more.   I'm wondering if I will be able to shower any more, she's not safe to be left alone any more!

Then, I take the girls to Target for a Dr Suess storytime and I let Whitney drink her juice while she sat and listened.  She found a juice box in the bags they hand out.  She wanted that and I said no, you just had your big cup of juice.  Started to get mad but I diverted her attention and said let's go look at toys.  We play in the toy aisles for entertainment.  She remembered she wanted the juice box and porceeded to whine and scream for it.  I said we don't act like that, we'll have to leave.  Oh. My. Goodness.  She really let loose after she realized I meant what I said.  She SCREAMED the whole way out of Target flailing around in the basket of the cart.  People were alarmed.  She SCREAMED the whole way home to go back to Target to play in the toy aisle.  She is almost throwing up she's crying so hard and telling me she's ready to be nice.  Sorry sister.  You blew it.  Screaming and crying in her room for time out.  Wow.  She hasn't had a tantrum like that in a long time.  Must have worn her out, because she is napping.  And so is Ellie.  I can restore my sanity and then it's out to dinner with my friend Michelle this evening.  Whew!  I will need that girl time today!

Time to clean up the house.  You know when you're house is chaotic your life feels chaotic?  I was feeling that this morning.

as I thought, the blood has settled down into the eye area.  This is how she appeared after nap time today.  I suppose it will look worse before it gets better.

feb 26- and it gets worse before it gets better.   there isn't any more swelling, it's just really discolored right now.  the red cut is where she hit and had the swelling.  the black eye is the drainage.  she has her 1 year appt next week so I'll take the pictures and see if they want to x ray it.  I personally don't think she broke her cheekbone because she's been sleeping fine and hasn't been bothered by it.


  1. Poor girl~ sometimes the growing pains are was bad for us as they are for them!