Friday, February 10, 2012

Look What I Did!

I got new bedding for Whitney.  The comforter was on super clearance so I couldn't pass it up, and I couldn't pass up the storage cube that I saw out of the corner of my eye!  Whitney has no artwork or decorations in her room (besides toys) so I had the idea to paint some pictures copying the pattern on her bed spread.

Would I buy these in the store if I saw them?  Of course not, but they're mine and I made them myself and Whitney likes them.  The yellow and pink is a little off and I knew this BEFORE I put paint to canvas and yes I could have gone back to Hobby Lobby to get different paint or done a little mixing but I lack the characteristic for perfection.  I had the time to paint and I was ready to start.  I even took the pillowcase with me to make sure I had the right colors, but the dot on the outside of the jar is a little different than the paint inside.  Whatever.  I can just do another one later if I want to!  I did discover that it is VERY hard to paint stripes, even with a straight edge.  And I quickly realized this was not going to turn out the way it looked in my head, like it was going to be fresh off a printing press.

I had fun with it, it is minmal investment (as long as you get the 7.99 canvas two pack) and I plan on doing some for Ellie's room!


  1. O My!! AMAZING!!! I think it is so great!! And Whitney is going to love them even more b/c YOU made them!! Go Steph!!

  2. Just a tip for next time: Use painter's tape on the canvas to paint the stripes. Works like a charm. :) Love you!