Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interview with Whtiney

I've seen other people do "interviews" with their children and I think it's really cute, so I'll do one too. It's really cute when they actually have their own answers, but it will be a while for that.

Favorite food: pizza
Favorite new thing to do with food: dip and use a fork (picture above of her dipping grahm crackers into yogurt)
Favorite beverage: milk
Favorite lovey: kitty, dino and kind of her blanket. she doesn't HAVE to have these things to be happy
Favorite new word: up (mommy's favorite new word too!)
Favorite toy: stroller
Nap time: one, 1-2hr nap
Favorite movies: Elf and Baby Neptune
Favorite book: Velveteen Rabbit
Favorite song: Wheels on the Bus
Recently discovered: to put her finger in her nose
Favorite commercial: Swiffer commercials
Traveling: only for a short distance and as long as her DVD is playing

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