Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July and more

This year we spent the 4th in Iowa for Bob's birthday (Wade's dad) and Welsh family reunion. Whitney learned how to say Papa that weekend, that's Grandpa for the Welsh's. It was the cutest thing and the perfect birthday present for Bob, or Papa! I was horrible about taking photos, so for more of the Welsh clan check out The Vandewater Voyage. It was a very different 4th from last year with all the babies running around. The guys put on a fireworks show, but Whitney was afraid of the loud noises. Maybe next year! This is 4th of July last year. How quickly kids grow!!
Grant and Whitney

Whitney Owen and Matt. Whitney and Owen were little buddies over the weekend!

The cousins, Whitney was not happy about this.

At a retirement ceremony last week. We sat in the back because she is WILD and ALL OVER THE PLACE!! She was running, dancing, talking, clapping and playing peek a boo with anyone who would look at her.

My free babysitter!!! She loves her little dvd player. She will sit on the floor and watch her movies, but she will not watch cartoons on the big tv. She knows how to load the dvd's and what button to push to play the movie. She loves the movie Elf and laughs out loud when he pushes all the buttons in the elevator. She does not like to be touched or talked to when she's really into it. Heaven forbid you get in the way of the little screen! For all you anti kids watching tv people, cut me some slack. Lately she has only been sleeping for one hour a day, so I need more time to do stuff!! If she will sit still for half an hour I'll take it!!

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  1. Get a barney video. There is one that is called Barney's scrapbook... Jackson dances all over the place when he is watching it... even in the car! It makes me feel better when he's up dancing and not just starring!