Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Children's Museum

In Iowa City in the Coralville Mall there is a Children's Museum. I wasn't sure what Whitney would think of it, but thought hey, it's something to do. Well, she loved it. It is completely geared towards children, hence the name, so everything is built to scale for little people. It was especially fun for my niece who is three, because she is able to learn and play more with the different activity rooms. We easily spent over two hours there and didn't even see everything. It is well worth the trip, Whitney loved it and I loved seeing her have fun. It was only like $6, and they have a military discount, buy one admission get one free! Wasn't sure what she would think of the carousel with the horses going up and down and around and the loud music and lights, but she loved it. We had to go on it twice.

Whitney, Callie and Alaina

grocery shopping!

in the pediatric unit

at first I thought this was really funny and cute, but then realized it is kind of sad because there are children out there who need a walker, but I suppose it is good to teach children about hospitals and different needs people may have

with a little cane

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