Thursday, May 27, 2010

1 Year Appt

Whitney finally had her 1 year appoitment this morning. She weighs 20lbs 4oz and 30.25 inches. She had three shots and 1 blood draw, which was awful. I had no idea that they drew blood out of the arm at 1 year. She has napped and is now playing and happy, so I guess she's over it. She still has just six teeth, can say about 20 words and repeat noises. She went through a lot of changes in the past month. We finished breastfeeding, took her bottle away, no milk during the night if she woke up, she had her first weekend away from us and she did amazing, and we're dealing with how to handle her little outbursts. She is doing really well with sleeping, she can finally COMPLETELY put herself to sleep, before it was me patting her back and going back in every few minutes and she sleeps 10hrs straight through the night, with one midday 2hr nap. I sometimes miss my baby, but I am so amazed with how quickly she is learning and she is more enjoyable every day!

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