Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two Months Today

Whiteny is two months old today!! We had her well baby appt this morning. It went very well. She was mad during the check-up portion so she was able to show off her strength doing her little baby push ups. Go Whitney!! Then I got her fed before her shots so she was in sleep mode and was quiet before her shots, turned into crying tomato head during the shots, and then a minute later she was quiet and sleeping again. Whew! Now if it can go that well at her four month. Overall she is on track and a healthy baby.

11.1 lbs
22.5 inches


  1. She's a long baby!!! No wonder she is outgrowing her clothes so fast!! I'm glad that it went well, now wish me luck on Tuesday. I'm really dreading it. I hope Whitney has a good night tonight.

  2. I got four words for you- Tylenol evey four hours! Even if shes not fevering, trust me, it will save you much grief tomorrow! We do tylenol before the shot, then every 4 hours for 24 hours and Abby has flown thru her shots with no problems. Learned this the hard way after the first set...

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  4. I agree with the Tylenol every four hours. I let Brynn's wear off b/c she seemed fine...BIG mistake!
    She may even need an occasional dose the day or two after.
    See you tomorrow!!!