Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Double Trouble

Last weekend Wade's brother Matt and his wife Tiffany brought their son Owen down to visit us. Owen was born April 13 and Whitney May 01. It was lots of fun hanging out as new parents, though the kids wear us out. We were in bed by 9:30 saturday night! Can't wait to watch the cousins grow up together!


  1. That is way too much fun! My nephew is 2 months younger than Joelle and it's always fun when we see them interact. And my younger sister is due two weeks before me so potentially our kids could be born within days of each other. It should be fun to see them grow up!

  2. TOO CUTE!!!!!!! I wish we could get all three of them together soon. Are you guys planning any trips up here this summer? If not, we'll just HAVE to pick a weekend and come down. If you don't have plans for the fourth of july...we'd love to have you.