Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sundown Lake

A few weekends back we made a trip to our land.  I can never remember if it's Sundown Lake or Lake Sundown... same dif I guess.   It had been a year that we had been there as a family and Wade was dying to get us back there.  Thankfully his mom has a cabin built on the land they own right next to us!  Whitney loved it there.  She had a lot of fun on the four wheeler and swimming in the lake.  Ellie hated the four wheeler, but she loved the water.  It was a bit dangerous, as we don't have a life jacket for her yet.  Didn't really anticpate her being such a fish, well, given her demeanor we should have.  Nothing frightens her, expect not knowing where I am.

a beautiful big oak on our land

had to convince Whitney to let Ellie try on the life jacket

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