Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ellison- 1.5

On August 22 Ellie turned 18 months.  She is such a character.  She sprinkles in little toddler tantrums but continues to be so silly and happy.  She seriously thinks that life itself and everything she does is a good time.  Which is pretty nice to have around the house.  She's a good reminder to just be happy and find joy in little things.  She thinks she is three just like big sister.  She watches Whitney and listens to her very closely.  She has no fear when it comes to climbing and exploring.  Her vocabulary is incredible for an 18 month old.  She can repeat everything and can even tell a story using one word at a time.  For example, the other night Wade watched the girls and I went out a played bunco.  Ellie was still up when I got home and she says to me "jammies"  "dada" "bath".  Meaning, Daddy gave me a bath and put my jammies on.  She replaces c with t so cold is told, quiet sounds like tie it, gosh there are more but they are not coming to me right now.  She can tell me exactly what she wants instead of throwing a tantrum about it, which is super helpful.  And she knows to say please!
Still a great eater.  Will eat about everything.  She loves when we get out chips and dip.  Likes "techup"   She will only drink chocolate milk, so I have started to dilute it with white milk so it's not quite so bad.
She naps once per day around noon.  She is hitting that point where I cannot let her nap longer than 2 hrs or she is not ready for bed at night, or she will still go to bed just fine, but wakes often during the night or wakes up WAY too early.  She sleeps from 9pm-6/7am.  I know, that is only 11-12 hrs total, but my kids don't sleep. ( Michelle and Melissa, I seriously don't know how your kids sleep so much.  I'm jealous!)  She needs her paci's to sleep.  One in her mouth and one to hang on to.  Sometimes the one she is hanging on to she pokes in her ear or her eye.  She does go to sleep on her own.  She went through a phase where she wanted to be rocked first or me not to leave her at all, but she is back to going straight to the crib because she has to do it "self!"  She has to do EVERYTHING herself.

She has all her teeth except her two year molars. 
Her hair is very blonde like mine was, eyes are blue.
She is violent when she is mad.  She hits and throws things.
Transitioning between sizes.  Her little but needs 12-18 mo clothes but for length in pants she needs 18-24.  Size 5 shoes.
She has a high pain tolerance and injuries do not phase her.  Normally I would say this is good, but it allows her to be crazy and not really learn from her injuries.

she was being grumpy and put herself in time out

this girl loves water. I know all kids love water, but she is kind of obsessed with it and she has to be in it and make a huge mess and be naked while she plays with water.  Of course.

mullet hair!  I can't bring myself to cut it off yet.  It has the cutest curl to it and the rest of her hair isn't long enough so she would look like a boy!  Sometimes she will keep a pony tail in it, and that is really cute.

Her 18 month appt is next week.  Stats to be posted later.


  1. She is adorable! And sounds like quite the personality!!! We need to get all the kiddos together! TROUBLE!!

  2. Oh I love reading about your girls!! I miss you all! I love her hair too!

    I don't know how you do/did it but for chele and I ROUTINE is everything for how we get/got our kiddos to sleep. We both don't EVER mess with naps, even if that means we stay home 352 days a year, boring--yes, but it helps the kids sleeping. But I don't remember how you do it so maybe you did do all that. I am just saying that is what is workable for me.

    We really need to get something scheduled for meeting up.