Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ellison- 2 Months

(for some reason Blogger thinks she looks best upside down?!?, that's what you get for a picture today!)

We had Ellie's two month check-up yesterday. She is doing great, 11.3 lbs and 22.25 inches. I grow my girls the same because Whitney was 11.1 lbs and 22.25 inches at her two month check- up. Not much to report on her at this age. She smiles and coos. She lifts her head up for tummy time. Her hands are still fisted most of the time. She sleeps swaddled on her back and will do 5-7 hrs for her first stretch. Last night after her shots she was wiped out and did 7.5 hrs and then 3hrs, awesome!! She has tortecolis (sp?) on the left side of her neck, which means she was really cramped inside of me and had her head cranked. A little stretching and muscle strength should take care of it. I knew this since birth and have been working on it. She wears a size 1 diaper and I think I should move it into the size 2's very soon. She loves bath time and being held by mommy!


  1. Fun stats, Stef! Glad she is doing well. Stacy's daughter had the tortecolis, too. She had it so bad they had to go to PT. If you want, the local AEA (area education agency) will come out and check (give you ideas) for free. They do assessments and PT if needed. I know for sure the first assessments are free.

    Happy Easter!!

  2. Yeah, Emily they did recommend PT for her. I brought it up at her two week and said I knew what stretches to do, etc because Alaina had tortecolis and went to PT. Now they want Ellie to go to PT just to be sure it's all working ok.

    Is Stacy's girl's neck all good now?