Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Winter Weekend

My intuition is a bit rusty, and we did not have our baby girl on saturday. (I was predicting Feb 5) In fact, labor does not seem to be any where in sight. ughhh!!! Any way, we still had a nice weekend with a visit from Grandma Cathy and family friend Denise on Saturday. Sorry, didn't get any pictures of the visit. Whitney had fun making Valentine crafts that Grandma "Cassie" brought. After they left we heard Whitney in the kitchen and I said to Wade, I think she's at the table and found the twizzlers. Sure enough, seconds later we heard them spill all over the floor!
she has started to "smile" for pictures

Saturday afternoon after company left we took Whitney to the park behind our house for a little sledding, since it was a balmy 30 degrees and this poor little girl doesn't get out much lately with the cold weather and an akward mommy.

taking a nap with Whitney sunday afternoon. A nice perk of having her in a big bed! Even though I thought I desperately needed sleep, it turned out to be a horrible idea. I could not sleep AT ALL sunday night. And neither could Whitney, more confirmation that she doesn't need much of a nap durning the day. (we slept for 2 hrs!)

Playing with Play Doh before the game Sunday night, and Wade made a volcano. Whitney was surprisingly not that impressed.

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