Monday, February 14, 2011

10 Things

My friend over at The Story of Us did a blog post about 10 random things about yourself. I thought it was a cute idea since I always post about Whitney or this current pregnancy. So enjoy, and if your a blogger please repost!

1. I am about to have my second daughter any day now. (I hope!)

2. I will be 31 on Saturday, YIKES!

3. My favorite soap opera is One Life to Live, I hate when I miss it.

4. I could do laundrey all day, just don't ask me to put it away!

5. I am very grumpy in the morning if I didn't get enough sleep and please don't try to talk to me when I am in one of these "moods".

6. I hate making decisions and second guess myself all the time.

7. I was on the swim team growing up and it's the only sport I was ever any good at. I prefer to work out on my own and go on walks or runs for exercise. Hopefully I will start that back up some time in the near future!

8. Since I have been married I have lived in 7 different houses in three different states. Two different houses in Kansas, then to Missouri, then to Iowa, then back to Missouri, and now we are back in Iowa. I don't mind moving and actually kind of like it. I would love it if we could get stationed at Ft Carson, CO.

9. I love wine and can't wait to drink it again. I usually prefer red.

10. I prefer fall to any other season.


  1. Ohhh Ft. Carson is our dream too! Wouldn't it be awesome if we were there together?! Or just anywhere together for that matter haha! I'm waiting on that baby call!!! :) Hurry baby girl!

  2. yay! Thanks for doing this. Isn't OLTL really good right now. Oh the drama. And I hear ya on #4,5,9 and 10.

    Hope that little girl gets a move on soon! Can't wait to see pics and hear the name...when you finally decide on one! :)