Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We made it to Ames two weeks ago, so I thought I better take a few minutes to upload the blog. Well, I don't really have a few minutes, but I want to sit down while Whitney is napping!! Moving is a much slower process with a toddler. What would normally have taken us 2-3 to get completely settled took about two weeks, if I could even say we're settled yet?? The first weekend here we went to my sister's in CR for a pool party. It was awesome only having to drive TWO hours to get there!!! How nice being in Iowa again!! Then this last weekend we went to Wade's mom's for the day and then the Iowa State Fair on sunday. Our camera battery was dead so I didn't get to document Whitney's first fair experience. She loved all the activity and was even distracted enough to sit in her stoller some of the time. our $5 garage sale find that kept Whitney entertained while the house was empty the weekend before we moved
Whitney found my eyeliner and decided to color

Mama and two baby deer who come to sit under Alaina's play set every morning

Whitney, Grandpa and Callie

one of our moving casualties. Wade kind of "fixed" them so they are tolerable until we decide to buy new ones. The only other damage we had was a broken picture frame and glass, so not too bad of a move.

At Ada Hayden park in Ames the day the flooding started, surprised they had the park open, because curious dummies like us come out to see how bad things are!

we could see the water rising as we stood there and watched it

this ditch was dry when we came through not three minutes earlier. We walked through the ditch to look at the road

Wade came back to get me by piggy back. The water was even higher after he set Whitney down and came back for me

she discovered a fuzzy little catepillar, only to dance around all excited and then accidentally squash it, should have seen it coming

at the university, not sure what building is in the background

thought I would let her play with this box of speghetti while I made dinner and cleaned up. i didn't realize she would start to smash them into tiny pieces, what a mess!

she thought it was hilarious to feed Mac

Owen and Whitney under the crab apple tree


  1. So much to comment on! Looks like you have definitely had an exciting 2 weeks in Ames so far! I love the pictures of Whitney with the eyeliner and spaghetti- those are priceless. Those pictures of the flooding are crazy how it came up SO fast! I'm sure they closed it down after they got those "dummies" out of there haha :)

  2. When you come back to Postville, give me a call! We are in Waukon now and I would love to see you guys! We are also dealing with the unpacking process and being 6+ months pregnant really puts a damper in the moving process, add a 2 year old into the mix and I feel like I never get anything done!! Glad you are getting settled!!