Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cute Pants

Without driving an hour to the outlet mall, the only place I have to shop is Wal-Mart.
Just thought I would share a picture of these cute pants I bought yesterday at Wal-Mart. They are little boot cut knit pants for 3.50, the brand is Garanimals. They come in different colors and I believe go up to 5T. They are so cute and comfy (I imagine they are comfy!) I may have to get a pair in every size! And they show off Whitney's cute little diaper bootie!


  1. The pants are really cute. What size is she wearing? I can't believe how much she is growing. By the time we get to see her she will have changed so much.


  2. 12m, they fit her just right. The 18m were too long right now. I got her a grey pair too in 12m.

  3. ... that sounds like my life in a few months... shopping only at Walmart. sigh. That is a very cute little baby booty!

  4. I love baby diaper booty :)

    I can't believe you can still have "stuff" on your tables, I haven't been able to do that for about 3 years now!!! Who knows, maybe she'll be one of those "good" babies that leaves things alone...UNLIKE mine.