Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Addicted to....

Self care- I went back again today for more baby tylenol and gas drops, and anit-itch cream since Wade somehow managed to transfer his poision ivy to MY FACE!

Chips and dip- Nice greasy potato chips with Dean's french onion dip.

Chocolate- I can't get enough right now. Especially chocolate covered raisins.

Henry VIII- I read The Other Boylen Sister, and the Boylen Inheritance, now I'm dying to watch The Tudors (all about King Henry VIII)

Grey's Anatomy- I HAVE to watch it every week!

Sleep- I don't normally require too much sleep and I don't like to nap, but after going to the bathroom three/four times a night the last thing I want to do is get up in the morning when I'm finally peed out! It gives you a week by week update on your pregnancy.

Celebrity Gossip- It's my guilty pleasure!


  1. I love BabyCenter too. I get updates on Garrett every week. They give fun activities to do with the babies, etc.

  2. The library on post has the Tudors Season 1 & 2. I refuse to pay Blockbusters outrageous prices and we don't have Showtime so I had to wait forever to see the 2nd season. (Actually I still have the last 2 DVDs for Season soon as I finish them I will take them back - I promise!)
    Yeah - Tudors is my guilty pleasure...they are a bit scandalous!