Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm a new blogger!

After visiting others' blogs, I too have decided to become a blogger. It is hard to keep in touch with friends and family as we move around the country, so I figured I can blog and update this site to keep everyone informed. I am not a very good MySpacer, don't know if my account is even active still!, so we'll see if I can keep this one up.

Quick update for everyone. We are at Ft Leonard Wood, Mo and have been for the last year. Wade has been assigned here and will soon take command. We have been out of the "army life" for over two years, so it will be interesting to get back into it going full steam ahead. It has been AGES since I have been to an FRG meeting or a coffee, or a hail and farewell. Since we will be here for a while we bought a house in Waynesville and will be moving off post next month. We are excited to get into a house of our own.

After a few trial and errors we are expecting our first child on May 9th. We are having a girl!! It is exciting to watch the tummy grow and to watch it move. I will get pictures posted, hopefully soon, so everyone can follow along. I'm sure many of my posts will be about this pregnancy and our new house. I will try to post a variety of topics and updates so I don't bore everyone!

Stay tuned for more........

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  1. Hey Bean, RaeAnna and you are keeping up the doing things together. The two of you were born 4 days apart and now the two of you are expecting 4 days apart. She is due the 5th of May. We don't know the sex yet but I'm hoping for a girl because she already has two boys.
    Congratulations again and keep me posted. Love Aunt Wendy